"Pantheon Of Fire"

Xoth, a great and evil Red Dragon, has over the years grown in rank and power among the dragon broods of the planet Sanctuary. His reach is far and wide and his resources are limitless. Although not part of any particular alliance, other than to himself, he holds great sway among the affairs of men, who are easy corrupted, as well as the other races: Halfling, gnome, half-orc, dwarf, half-elf, and the elves. His spies reach into the smallest of communities and it seems as if the very revolutions of the planet are controlled by his dictation. His power is unrivaled, and he maintains this control from his mountain fortress at the world’s equator, there he spends his time, drowned in his inconceivable wealth, plotting the destructions of the last bastions of free power in the world: The human Stronghold of Adamantine, and the Elven treetop oasis of Nelthetiem

The world of Sanctuary is a vast and diverse place. With the mountainous regions of the Taymorian west to the underwater palaces of the elusive and diabolical merfolk, in the Artemac sea. The jungles, swamps, and tundra’s are home to fierce and convoluted creatures from the depths of imagination. The plague lands to the south harbor death and the islands of Partenea have been called the homes of the gods. But with chaos and turmoil still surrounding, citadels of virtue and honor have over time sprung up in the violent and shifting lands. Places of freedom and peace, lands of good. Banding together these cultures and races, for the most part, succeeded in ending the evil the once overwhelmed the land. These civilizations lived on in a golden age, known as the Time of Valectorion after the great leader who eradicated the armies of darkness, and their minister of evil, the sinister lich Eros. But that golden age is crumbling; a mysterious darkness is spreading across the lands. Once brilliant kings are now bumbling fools, distracted by greed and vanity, and men in positions of power now germinate corruption. Wars break out between once the best of friends, and nations and families are shattered. The time of darkness has come once again in the world of Sanctuary.

Pantheon of Fire